Utility Haulers

Haul your cargo securely and efficiently in our STō Utility Haulers. Our aluminum construction is pound-for-pound twice as strong as industry-standard steel construction. It’s also lighter, reducing wear and tear on your tow vehicle. With our BuildPro weld tables, these haulers offer the highest quality and most structurally sound frame in the industry.

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We offer two series of toy haulers in a variety of lengths. One offers permanently mounted furniture; the other allows you to configure components based on your needs and adventures.


Find exactly what you need, from utility haulers to car haulers and models constructed for a variety of commercial needs. You'll also find the size and length that works best for you.


At ATC, we take pride in delivering better-built, longer-lasting, handcrafted aluminum trailers and toy haulers so you can haul your cargo, vehicles, and toys for decades to come.

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Use our easy locator and enter your ZIP code to find ATC dealers in your area. Most include a link to their website, where you can see what models they carry and what's available.